Atheist to Enlightened in 90 Days: Featuring the Equilibrium Diet

Katie Grace Player, PhD


 Modern society favors easy and pill-popping fixes; enlightenment and health are neither. This is for the part of you that yearns to know, to experience and not just believe.

At first, I hesitated to use the word “enlightened” in the title of this book because of the strength, power, and connotations associated with the word enlightenment. Then I remembered a quote by the Buddha: “Achieving enlightenment is easy; it is remaining enlightened that requires work.” The former applies to this book while I am still working on the latter—and, as you will see, the title wasn’t up to me. This story is a bridge—a bridge from one side of your brain to the other—from the left brain to the right brain, from the logical and the rational to the primitive, the intuitive, and the instinctual. This bridge connects science and spirituality; it connects what some call God or Goddess or Creator or Universe with the physical world. It reawakens the instincts and knowledge that ancient people understood and held dear.

For a long time, for years, I was afraid of what people would think of my experience, and I was afraid of what I had discovered—I was afraid of the instincts I had unleashed when I returned to true physical health after a life of disease, weight issues, and the struggle to simply survive. After major dietary changes and the creation of the Equilibrium Diet, I was able to access information I never dreamed possible. And yet once I was able to feel the information—to sense it—I couldn’t imagine life without it. It was so simple. I wondered how science had missed it for so long. Humans have instincts just like animals, but somehow, through a combination of poor diet, food additives, environmental toxins, and the era of logic, we have forgotten the basic instincts not just needed to survive but to thrive.

The most common question I am asked after telling my story is, “Why you? Why did an atheist economist get to experience enlightenment?” At first I did not know, but then I realized that I was so left-brained, so analytical, and so in denial regarding spirituality that I would never have believed the experience had it happened to anyone other than me. I also believe I am one of the first of many.

This is a full-disclosure book; I have held nothing back. My medical records, blood tests, and pictures of my husband and me that literally track our health are available on my website. I have included as much evidence as possible in this book and on the website. Where necessary, I have changed the names of some of the people I interacted with to maintain their privacy.

I owe my courage and self-acceptance to brave souls like Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Debbie Ford, and Neale Donald Walsch. Each of these brave, wonderful authors broke through the mold of social stereotypes and acceptable writing experiences. Reading their words helped me feel less alone—less different—and helped me to accept and understand the amazing world I had discovered and what I was here to help others understand. Thank you to each of these Otherselves—I am eternally grateful. As I edited this book, exactly two years after completing the original manuscript, I was once again amazed and awed at how far my family had come, how much transformation had occurred, and the journey we lived during those first few years of health. I am both humbled and honored that for whatever reason, we all chose for me to live this particular vessel and tell this story in this giant game of creation.

The world has not been ready for a diet this powerful until now. I am ready, you are ready—society is ready. Let’s experience the amazing creations of which we are truly capable. What I cover in this book is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tapping into our human potential. I know that people willing to try the ninety-day detoxification program and adopt the Equilibrium Diet will have experiences far more amazing than those recorded on these pages. Understand this book is not an end-all, be-all; it simply provides a stepping-stone, a foundation or beginning, but it is just that—the beginning.